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October 2017: Lesly Kahn class, CA resident

Lots of auditions the last two months. Jo, my manager has been rocking it, getting me some great auditions for some great shows. Nothing yet, but I've been feeling good about the auditions which is the win.

I took an Intro class for Lesly Kahn & Co. and it was... great. The course is an intense two weeks so I've decided to do it December 1. I'm taking November to get my stuff together, etc. then do it Dec 1.

I turned 34 this month. I found myself counting my blessings of how great LA has been to me. I also started doing Handyman projects, working for myself. That has been great!

And my wife and I got our CA licenses... we are official residents. And we enjoy living in The Valley. I took this picture when my parents were visiting and we were waiting for dinner.... feels right.

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