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September 2017: Feature film, joined the Union

I joined SAG AFTRA! It was time and an opportunity blossomed in front of my face so the decision was quick but easy...ish.

A few years ago I was in a film in Chicago called I HEART SHAKEY. The director and producer husband and wife (De) team were great to me. Well flashforward a few years and I see on fb that De is working on a new film here in LA called Miss Arizona. Here's a great article about it!

So long story short: I message her, she invites me to table read, she offers me a role, then a bigger role. So I went to the shoot and, while feeling in my element, found the director giving me more lines, and shooting a few comedic bits that another actor and I were doing. So I came back a few other days of shooting and that led to them wanting to boost me up which caused me to join the union! SOoooo I did!

I got to work with Billy Dec, who is a Chicago mult-talented dude. I somehow never met him while in Chicago even though as a hotel concierge I dined at many of great restaurants and attended mutual events! It was great working with him in this!

Here's a few pics from the shoot...

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