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August 2017: Manager!, Dodgers, 10th Wed Ann

I had the great luck of signing with a friend and now career partner, Jo at CSP Mgmt. We sat down had a meeting and after some deep thought, I went for it. I feel really good about this!

Just a fun note: going through pictures is unique for an actor. Especially nowadays because so much is self taping. i do a few a month. So I come across this a lot, where you look like you took 15 of the same picture:

My wife and I celebrated our 10th year of marriage!! There's so very much I could say, but it's enough to say we've been through stuff and we're on the other side stronger than ever.

My brother was in town, he loves baseball, goes to any game he can, so wife and I joined him! It was great, they won in the last minute!

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