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First month in LA: agent, extra, star struck, job

What a whirlwind. I've been in LA full month now. So much to report. 1. I'm very close to getting a commercial agent. My dear friend Jessica Hardy recommended me to hers. We had a great phone convo late this month, we'll meet next.

To start getting familiar with the studios and professional working sets I joined an extras booking company. It pays minimum but often there's great food, and game shows are terrible.

I got to the extra's casting place 3 hours early...and the last person they let in. See pic.

My first gig was on a game show, with Fred Savage called Child Support. Interesting experience and he was the first celebrity I saw. FS is the best and is very cool, so what a thrill.

Then I did more extra stuff, a 1930's scene for TEACHERS on TVLAND. AND the girls on the show are from Chicago and I am acquaintances with them and they recognized me during a scene and called me over and we chatted and it was great. They were very kind. I met a woman named Julie who I hope to run into again!

And to make things even better...

And I really mean that....

The food was AMAZING!! Omelet bar in the morning!

The lunch was...amazing.

Anyway, then I did Lady Dynamite. This was the second time I sorta put myself out there and was picked to do something unique and different than others. I got to play a man of royal order or something, so I got to be close to the action and actors and everything. It was great. And I had my first start struck moment. Maria Bamford is great, but it wasn't her, sorry to say. We finished rehearsing a scene early in the day and they sent us back to holding. As I am walking I nearly run into Maria talking to FRED ARMISEN. I was star struck. He is... my top 5. Just the best. So that was exciting.

My first few weeks here I have found great comfort in taking walks. During the first week I took a walk north of my Hollywood apartment on a Sunday morning. Those are the quietest times. I took this pic. I like it.

I have a job too. My blessings overflow my cup. I am working for a construction company do inner corporate office stuff and building a house in North Hollywood. It's amazing. Sometimes I'm in an office, putting up little shelves and pictures... some days I am outside, swinging a shovel and dripping sweat. It's great!

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