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April 2017; Agent, 1st Audition, Visitors

April was a great month. I locked in my commercial agent, which is great. I had my first audition as well, for an MTV promo thing. Didn't get it, but glad to be there.

Being an Extra has two perk. One is food (keep reading). The second is getting to wear cool costumes. I did for two two days DTLA. And met some great people.

Let's talk about what photos I have after doing extra work for huge TV shows and films, (like a new HBO comedy with Bill Hader and Shooter)... I come home with pics of... the food. Damn, some of these shows know how to feed. Let's reflect.

I had my first visitors; the important women of my life: My mother and my then my wife.

And be nice!

Take your mom to the beach!

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