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February 2017: Move to LA!

I'm here. I'm in LA. So much can be said about the work and emotional rollercoaster moving across the country is, but sticking to acting, etc., let's just say I loaded up my car, drove across the country, and have arrived in LA to an awesome situation! There's lucky people, there's more lucky people, there's the luckiest people, then there's me.

Here's a gallery of pics from my trip.

Drove through the Rockies, into Vegas, then to LA. A few days later were the Oscars.

There's a lot to cover, but that's pretty big news for my acting career. So that's good for now.


Before i left though, I did lots. Spent time with family, time with my great friend A, finished the house/attic electrical, and blew in insulation to the attic with the help of my pa.

March will have lots to share!! Stay tuned!

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