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January 2017: LA apt!, pilot update

Great "Move to LA" News: Late this month a friend I messaged last month reached out to me. He lives in Hollywood and a seemingly very nice apt complex, his brother had to move out, and rather than searching for a roommate or breaking the lease, they'd discount rent to meet my budget. I got the message one evening, sitting on the couch with my wife. I read her the email, she thought a moment, and she said "Well, guess you're going to LA." I thought it over a few days, crunched the numbers, and said Yes! Oh man, crazy. This basically means I can move out there when I want. So I am thinking late February. Wow, this is happening....


(long pause) my comedy group, wrote and shot a pilot May 2015 and I have been editing it. We had a meeting this month and decided to add some narration to clean up the story. So I am going to reach out to the actress in it and see if she'll do it. Here's pics of us shooting.


With LA approaching quickly, I've been spending nearly all of my time working on our house. And most work is the electrical. If this was a DIY blog, I could write for days. But basically I've been working on pulling all the old conduit/cable out of the walls and replacing it with new. Then replacing all the switches, outlets, and light fixture wiring. My goals is always 100% correct, as safe as possible, and least amount of waste. It requires more $ and time, but in month, year, 5 yrs, that won't matter; the quality will.


With LA coming soon, wanted to spend time with my niece and nephew on wife's side. Known these kids since they were born. I love them. Always have a good time learning about what the youth are up to.

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