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December 2016: LA move plans, AmazonePrime Recommended, Cancun

Had a nice surprise this month. Amazon had our film, A Short History of Drugs in the Valley, as recommended viewing "For a night in.." which was fun to see.


My plans for LA are coming along. One major step: Get a car. So I did. PriusC. Should do me well in LA.

I also sent out messages to friends, pals, acquaintances, and past buds who live in LA, letting them know my plans and to let me know if they hear anything about any living situations that might come up. A few got right back to me and congratulated me or offered a place to crash while I'm there. Very nice folks. But no leads yet.


My wife and I had our Annual Vintage Christmas Party early this month. It was our 5th, and it's our favorite day of the year. I also began work on the electrical of our house in the attic. Big job. Also we shot a few scenes for Griffo's pilot. End of the year found my immediate family traveling to Cancun to celebrate the holiday! THIS should be an annual thing, just saying. Dang we had so much fun.

End of blog post,... NOW

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