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September 2016; Feature Film Screen, Short Film Shoot

This Month: Feature Film screening, Short-film shoot, family stuff, kitchen diy...

I flew to Denver Colorado for my first visit to witness a screening of a feature I'm in and love: A Short History of Drugs in the Valley. This is my third feature film with Flowfeel, and it is a fun one. Shooting was great. 2 or so weeks in Indiana, playing a grease ball drug dealer. It was great.

The popular band Lotus contributed amazing songs to the film so while they had a concert weekend in Denver at Red Rocks, Flowfeel Films screened ASHDV.

The movie poster and two pics from that night, people arriving:

Kicked off the month shooting a short film by Tim Nolan, written and directed, called Something Different. It's about a man desperate to give the second date with the girl of his dreams a spontaneous splash of "different", laws cast aside.

It was a great two days, in a house in the Chicago burbs. It was my first time sniffy vitamin D like a moment out of Wolf of Wall Street. I hope it turns out great. Estimated date: March 2017.

Director on the left.

Also in September my nephew turned 2, so I talked him into smashing his face into his cake.

And last, I tore down a good chuck of a wall in our kitchen. I wanted to fix the plaster and thought we might as well take the time to add two outlets. The pictures make it look easy, but basically cut away a little of the plaster to see how bad/loose it was and where. Then I measured a good size area, drew a line, then used a Rigid battery powered oscillating multi-tool. Works great, I love it. So I cut hole. Then after many careful measurements, I went to the attic and cut a hole, then the basement and cut a hole, fed in a white pvc gutter as a "tunnel" for future feeding electrical cable up to attic. Then I installed the outlets and wiring. Then drywall, then plaster and compound, then paint. It took... a long time. Months.


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