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January; Sketchfest 2016

I had the pleasure years ago to get to know Matt Griffo. A huge entertainer. He works at a breakneck speed. I can learn a lot from him. Anyway, he performs comedic songs. He started asking me to help him on music videos and etc. We've done several! (I shot and directed Generic Country Song and Let's Just be Friends several years ago; and acted in several others). A while back we started adding me to his live shows now-and-then where I play a goodhearted yet foolish English stage manager (yeah, like Flight of the Conchords or Spinal Tap). It's been fun. So we did that again for 2016 Sketchfest. Griffo runs a real fun, open minded form of entertainment. And he does so many shows, that if you have an idea, he's down to try it.

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