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June 2016; Griffo pilot, naked bike riding, weddings

So Griffo has been talking about shooting a pilot. We brainstormed some over the years. He finally pulled the trigger and wrote a script. So we started shooting in June. I play that good hearted, but a few pennies short English band manager..yes, similar to Flight of the Conchords, but Griffo loves it and I enjoying playing it, so no brainer. We shot a scene where my office has been set up outside due speed bumps. Here are some pics.


June is also the month of my favorite day of the year!.... The World Naked Bike Ride!!! This year was my 5th. I didn't take any photos, and it really something everyone should experience. Here is a pic I found on Google that shows very near the beginning. So many people.


Finally I officiated my cousin Nicole's wedding! It was my first wedding. Then I am going to officiate her sister, my other cousin, wedding next month! why not!

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