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December felt great; TV show and LA

Feels good to do what you love. I was cast some time ago in a Television Incubator Program at DePaul University. I was excited to be cast, loved the story and idea, I was in. Then I find out we're shooting at Cinespace. And they're building sets for it. Then on set we're shooting 8 to 10 hr days, we have a full crew and dressing rooms and... it was shooting a real TV show. I understand now what shooting a show is like. How much time and work... and it's amazing. I fell in love with the cast, such awesome ladies. And the crew. And ya get paid. And fed. And... wow, dream.

I went to LA for a few days Mid December for fun. I like to do this periodically, touch base with friends out there. I enjoy LA. I have no beefs with it at all. I wish biking was easier, but I don't bike there. Someday.

While there I shot a sizzle real with Flowfeel Productions.

Great December!

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