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News: November 2015

Hello! Site here is under some construction. I'm working on it. You know how it goes. A little here and there. Right now here is what I'm up to:

1.) Did some ADR the other day for a film titled Pictures For Lilly by James Choi that was shot a few months ago.

2.) Getting ready to shoot a funny pilot from Nick Schmidt & Nathan DeWitt called Good Vibrations.

3.) Wrapped up a great OnCamera class with Janelle Snow at Acting Studio Chicago

4.) In the midst of an improv class at iO, and having a great time! Did Second City a few years ago, and it feels good to get back into improv.

5.) Editing my comedy group (long pause)'s first pilot we shot over the summer.

6.) Oh! And I almost forgot, shot a great scene (day player) of Car 86 on my birthday in Indianapolis. It was mention in the Hollywood Reporter. I got to be shot! (see pic below!)...Or did I?

So I feel busy, and it feels great.


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